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Better production forecasting
Practical solutions to Food Security Strategic reserves policy

SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab is developing a cloud-based analytical tool to emulate crop production response to state-of-the-art farm production regimes taking into account the environmental factors that can cause significant variations in yields. The interesting aspect of this work is it integrates economic factors such as gross margin analysis across agro-ecological conditions thereby providing a considerable amount of additional information of value to those concerend with food security. The contribution of this work to useful knowledge on issues related to food security include:
  • More comprehensive production response curves across terrains providing more precise projections for policy
  • Improved ability to project production levels more precisely along all determinant axes
  • Better mapping of likely economic performance according to geographic location
  • Better mapping of likely productivity constraints related to pathogens and temperature related variations according to geographic location
  • Quantification of economic and financial benefits of environmental data
  • Ability to rationalize and optimize crop type distribution to improved efficiency and sustainability of agricultural sector
  • Greatly advance real time projections and forecasting of in-season production
We will remain in touch with the development team to report on progress in this online resource. This development appears to have significant potential in reducing costs and risks associated with the maintenance of adequate production and strategic reserves of food in many countries.