How to apply for the SDF Grant series 2022-2023

The SDF is applying a stepwise procedure of informing the diplomatic missions of all 143 countries in the qualifying list about the SDF Grants and requesting that they send this information to organizations within each country they consider could benefit from the scheme.

However, any organization interested in exploring the benefits of making use of an SDF Grant can contact the SDF directly. If you would like to receive an SDF Grant and you orgnization is in a qualifying country, please send an expression of interest in an EMAIL providing the following information:
  • Name of applicant
  • Organization
  • Full address including country
  • Website if you have one:
  • Name of comtact person
  • Telephone number of contact person
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the receipt of a considerable amount of malicious content we ask that NO documentation or ZIPs be included. To start this process only communicate via email by providing the information requested in the above list and we will get back to you.

The email to send this informationt to is:

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