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Africa Series 2020

The problems facing Agenda 2030 include several important indicators not having been specified as well as many low income countries not having access to national level data series on some estimates. The OQSI (Open Quality Standards Initiative) has reported that this is delaying the establishment of feasible strategic priorities for Agenda 2030 actions in several low income countries.

In January, 2020, the Development Intelligence Organization (DIO) decided to fill this gap in information and have formed a Task Force to prepare a data series covering global constraints on development in the context of Agenda 2030. These will apply global constraints decision analysis models to provide projections covering all lower income countries in Africa, Central and South America. These publications will be released in sequence scheduled to begin with Southern Africa, in June 2020 the first volume of the Africa Series. There are five volumes in the Africa Series covering all countries in Southern, Central, North Eastern and North Western Africa.

The members of the Sustainable Development Prospects Task Force include the Development Intelligence Organization (development economics), SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab (computation and projections), GBF-George Boole Foundation (due diligence concerning analyses applied to constraints and development prospects analysis).

The series will be published by Hambrook Publishing Company.